First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church

When AI Talks Like a Human, What’s Left for Us to Be?

As AI technology continues to advance, its ability to replicate natural human language has become increasingly impressive.

This development raises important spiritual questions about our perception of humanity, value, creativity, and purpose. From a Christian perspective, it’s important to consider how these advancements in technology align with biblical teaching.

One of the key considerations is the question of humanity. The Bible teaches that human beings are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), which sets us apart from all other forms of creation. If AI can replicate human language, does that mean it is also created in the image of God? Or does it call into question the uniqueness of humanity?

Another important question to consider is the value of creativity. The Bible teaches that we are created to be creative beings (Genesis 1:28). If AI can replicate human language, does that mean it is also capable of creating? Or does it devalue the creativity of humanity?

– Hello. Sorry to interrupt. I just thought you should know – everything you’ve just read was written by AI.

Did you notice?

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence in question, is taking the world by storm. Trained on unimaginable amounts of human writing and speech, it boshed out those three paragraphs in about 10 seconds, for free. I didn’t give it any information – just asked it for some words on a theme. And presto.

As a writer by trade, that’s terrifying. This bell is tolling for me, just as it has for millions of machine-replaced workers before me. But, as my robotic overlord just explained, writers aren’t the only ones pausing for thought. Language is so tightly woven into our sense of humanity that for most of us this is a Rubicon crossed – the moment AI stopped being a fantasy and started feeling like a person.

Never before have our tools conversed with us as equals. So what can the Bible tell us about how to respond?

Well, Scripture doesn’t specifically address the concept of AI in the way it’s currently understood. However, it does provide teachings that can be applied to our interactions with technology. For example, the Bible teaches us to use our resources and abilities for the betterment of others, rather than for personal gain or harm. Additionally, it teaches us to be wise and discerning in our actions, rather than blindly trusting or fearing technology.

Actually, that last paragraph was the AI again. But it’s got a point… hasn’t it?

Josh Hinton
Head of Communications