First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church



On Sunday 14th May 2017 in our 11am Service our Assistant Minister David Kelly led us into a new series on what it means to be a Fruitful Congregation.  A series that will continue in the upcoming weeks and that we, as staff, are really excited to be talking about with our congregation.

The following reflection was sent to me from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. It is worth a read.

The Green Jacket and the greatest prize of all

It was Archbishop Desmind Tutu who famously said "I am puzzled which Bible people are reading when they say that religion and politics don't mix. " 

To accompany our current series here are a few thoughts abut Christian service from Henri Nouwen:

Brexit, US Presidential inauguration ...... and now, political crisis in Northern Ireland! Should we panic?

At this time of constitutional and political uncertainty take time to reflect on words, thoughts and actions.

1 Timothy 2 v.1-4

Maybe, just maybe, over the Christmas and New Year period I will be taken to see the latest Star Wars story “Rogue One”. I am not one of the aficionados who gets the significance of every detail and reference. I just enjoy the spectacle!

On Friday last some of us attended the second gathering of the Disciple Makers Network in PCI Assembly Buildings (Church House).  This network includes a range of PCI congregations exploring how better to be disciple-making congregations and a disciple-making denomination.

It is too easy to be a pessimist today! There is so much on the domestic and international scene that seems chaotic and we are left wondering where on earth it will all end up. How will Brexit end up for us?