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​I can't resist posting this piece that came from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

Enjoy - and be challenged!

In the first of our summer morning services we heard Jesus' parable of the mustard seed - an encouragement to keep planting the seed, even if it is a small beginning. Let God grow it!

Last weekend I watched highlights of the Trooping of the Colour ceremony in London with particular interest as it was featuring the Irish Guards. Such pageantry in the city which was still reeling after the catastrophic loss of life in the Grenfell fire.

I received this reflection from Richard Collins who works with Living Leadership, a ministry which supports church leaders around the U.K.

On Sunday 14th May 2017 in our 11am Service our Assistant Minister David Kelly led us into a new series on what it means to be a Fruitful Congregation.  A series that will continue in the upcoming weeks and that we, as staff, are really excited to be talking about with our congregation.

The following reflection was sent to me from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. It is worth a read.

The Green Jacket and the greatest prize of all

It was Archbishop Desmind Tutu who famously said "I am puzzled which Bible people are reading when they say that religion and politics don't mix. " 

To accompany our current series here are a few thoughts abut Christian service from Henri Nouwen: