First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church


This week David Kelly, Jax McCallum and Robin Tweed and myself have joined hundreds of other Presbyterians at the "EVERYDAY DISCIPLES" Special Assembly. Even after a few hours it became apparent that we would have a lot to digest, to challenge and to inspire.

On the first morning the key speaker posed an interesting scenario. It goes something like this.....

If you met a friend you hadn't seen for a few months and they had put on a few stone and were looking a bit poddgier than previously you might be thinking at least two things:

1. They are bigger than they were. There is certainly more of them!

2. Are they well? Have they been eating too many pies? Are they no longer getting proper exercise?

Why then, he went on to ask, should we presume that because a congregation is larger it is healthier? Just because there is a form of growth - e.g. statistical/financial - does not automatically  mean healthy or healthier.

I certainly got the point. A healthy church is so much more than its size and stats! As in a healthy person there are so many other vital signs.