First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church

News & Announcements

News & Announcements

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11am "Finding Peace - Breaking the Negative Cycles"

Judges 16

Sunday 16th:

11am "A Time For.... LOOKING BACK"  Psalm 23

7pm "Much Ado About Nothing"  Matthew 6 v.28-34

You can now dial in to hear the latest First Larne service on your phone.

Simply dial (028) 91 249550 and wait for about 15 seconds to hear the service.

11am What's It Worth? The Kingdom of God and Me

Matthew 13 v.44-46

Epilogue: A Story to Tell

Philippians 3 v.4-14

11am "BIG Daddy"

Who is the daddy?  Luke 15 v.11-32


11am RICH... in Community    Revelation 7 v.9-17

CHURCH: In Black & White or Colour?


11am RICH..... in Relationships

Matthew 5 v.21-26

The power at the heart of it all!


11am "What Do We Do Now?"

The Call to Continue

1 Peter 3 v.13-22


11am "What is God Saying to Us?"   Mark 1 v.14-20

Service of prayers and readings led by the

Rev. McClure - with an insightful reflection from the Very Rev. Dr. Trevor Morrow