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News & Announcements

News & Announcements

11am "Blessed & Sent: FAMOUS LAST WORDS" The Power of Benediction

Numbers 6 v.22-27


PCI has noticed there a lot of people OUTSIDE Church rather than INSIDE.

Maybe you have noticed too!!!

Do you really want to do something about it???

At our services on 1st and 8th March we shall be joining with Presbyterians throughout Ireland in focused and informed prayer.

Click here for some helpful suggestions for this forthcoming week.


Sunday 16th

11am Service led by the Rev. Maynard Cathcart

7pm Jax McCallum


11am A Service hosted by our PW and Women's Circle

Guest Preacher: The Rev. Linda Keys
(Associate, West Church Ballymena and

This statement has been issued by a group of British Church Leaders to coincide with the United Kingdom's leaving of the European Union at 11pm on Friday 31st January 2020.

11am ENCOUNTER - Meeting with the living God in worship

"A Shocking Sermon!"  Acts 2 v.36-42



Who is working to make right the wrongs? 

Psalm 146


11am SHALOM: A breath-taking vision of the world made beautiful.

So what's God doing now?

Genesis 1 v.26-28


11am Together We Grow  

Hebrews 10 v.18-25

Spurring one another on!

3pm Service of Divine Healing

7pm Was it all Worthwhile?

Psalm 139

Looking back and looking forward in faith