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News & Announcements

News & Announcements

11am "The Triumphal Entry"

7pm "A People Always on the Move" - based on a theme being followed by our Small Groups - "God's Mission, Our Mission: GOD'S MESSENGERS"

Be a part of the First Larne family as we celebrate Easter.

On Good Friday at 11am we will join with other Christians on a Silent March of Witness, walking from the Salvation Army Hall, Point Street to Broadways, where there will be a short act of worship.

This year our Holy Week lunch-time meditations take the theme "The Final Day that Transforms Our Every Day".

Holy Week services

Three lives search for lasting value as their worlds crumble. Follow thier journeys as Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) addreses the real worth of the soul. This film presentation is the latest from the Billy Graham Organisation. It makes for compelling viewing.

First Larne Men's Fellowship are hosting a special service this Sunday 12th March at 11am. Guest Preacher The Very Rev Dr Michael Barry. With a one off appearance of The Men's Fellowship Choir.

The United Nations has declared a famine in an area of South Sudan. This is the first time in six years that such a crisis has been identified. In Unity State 100,000 peole face starvation and people are dying every day. Another 1,000,000 people are on the brink of famine.

The services on Sunday 12th February at 11am and 7pm continue our look at what it means to be authentically CHURCH. This Sunday the readings, sermons and discussions are about giving - but not about money! How can that be?

It was Archbishop Desmind Tutu who famously said "I am puzzled which Bible people are reading when they say that religion and politics don't mix. " 

The theme of the services on 29th January is "A Serving Church in a Selfish World". We gain insight into how Christian service, though sacrificial, is an investment. The service will conclude with prayers and our annual act of commemoration of the Princess Victoria tragedy.