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News & Announcements

News & Announcements

YES! Bono and Eugene Peterson are at First Larne this Sunday evening!

11am Walking in My Father's Footsteps     Ephesians 1 v.1-8

We all have a role to play as encouragers and enablers - but what does it mean to walk in my Father's footsteps?


11am "You Don't Have to Walk Alone"   2 Timothy 4 v.1-18

We are delighted to welcome as our preacher the Rev. Maynard Cathcart who is our new Pastoral Associate in First Larne.

7pm "Crossing the Line"  Philippians 2 v.1-11

11am "The Church Will Not Be Stopped"  Acts 4 v.1-22

Full details can be found at the PCI website -

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We continue the thrilling journey through the history book of the early Church - Acts. 

It doesn't quite happen the way they expect!

11am "What Can I Give You?" - Not what the beggar expected.    Acts 3 v.1-10

This Sunday - 20th May 2018 - we mark Pentecost (the birthday of the Church!) AND conclude Christian Aid Week.

11am Acts 2 v.1-21  "The MOMENT, the MEANING, the MOVEMENT...."

After the service there is a Christian Aid lunch open to everyone.


This Sunday's services give us an opportunity to explore and celebrate what it means for each of us to be a witness on a global stage - in challenging and complex world.


11am "Home of Hope"   John 17 v.6-19

This Sunday we shall be marking 40 years worshipping in the current complex.


11am HOME: A Family Gathered     Acts 1 v.12-26

There might even be a birthday cake to share!

7pm ESSENTIALS 8: Continue     Luke 9 v28-36