First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church



The England cricket team beat Australia in the third Ashes Test to keep hopes alive of a series win.


This victory followed two nail-biting defeats and offered some vindication to the style of cricket played by the team since Ben Stokes took over as captain.


Does the best music invite us to celebrate our sin or to reach for redemption?


In Daisy Jones & The Six, Amazon Prime’s new mockumentary drama about a fictional 1970s band, the two lead singers disagree.


Every Body is Beautiful

Connecting with Culture Issues & Trends

To mark International Women’s Day, the award-winning Loose Women Body Stories campaign is back, and it’s back with a bang.


Called to be (De)influencers?

The age of the influencer has peaked and a new age is dawning – that of the deinfluencer.


Lessons for the Church from the Swifties

Toxic Masculinity vs Biblical Masculinity: The Rise of Andrew Tate

Trigger warning: sexual assault

*deep breath*

10 historical Christians who changed the world


Get inspired with the stories of ten whole-life disciples from days of old!

As AI technology continues to advance, its ability to replicate natural human language has become increasingly impressive.

The BBC’s psychological reality show The Traitors took audiences by storm over Christmas.


It encouraged more young people to sign up to BBC iPlayer than any programme aside from the World Cup, prompting the service to add the US version of the show last week.


To Strike or not to Strike?


That is not a simple question!