First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church

Service Video Recordings

Service Video Recordings
Service Video Recordings

Sunday 23rd January 2022: PEACE - Facing Up to the Giants

Psalm 27

Sunday 16th January 2022: Breaking the Negative Cycles

Judges 16

Evening Communion Sunday 9th January 2022 7pm

Psalm 122

Morning Communion Sunday 9th January 2022

Philippians 4 v.2-9

Sunday 2nd January 2022 "CHOOSE JOY!"

John 15 v.9-17

Morning Service on Boxing Day 2021: Did John Get What He Was Expecting at Christmas?

Matthew 11 v.2-11

Christmas Day Service 2021

Isaiah 9 v.2-7

Sunday 19th December 2021 Nativity Service

Service of Lessons and Carols - Sunday 12th December 2021

Sunday 12th December Morning Service: "What Are You Waiting For?"

2 Peter 3 v.8-15

5th December 2021 World Development Sunday "Weathering the Storm"

Luke 8 v.22-25

28th November 2021 Bible Sunday: "His Invitation - Our Call"

Isaiah 55

Sunday 21st November 2021 "The Lost Coin" Featuring Jax McCallum

Luke 15 v.8-10

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 14th November 2021

Isaiah 9 v.2-7; Romans 13 v.11-14

Sunday 7th November 2021 at 11am: "What Are You Waiting For?"

Psalm 93; Colossians 1

Sunday 31st October 2021 at 11am: ALL-AGE SERVICE "In Search of Light"

John 9 v.1-12

Sunday 24th October 2021 CLIMATE SUNDAY

Colossians 1 v.15-20

Sunday 17th October 2021: Another Look? - at GOD

Psalm 19

EVENING HARVEST Sunday 10th October 2021: "Water"

Revelation 22 v.1-6

HARVEST Sunday 10th October 2021: "Look at the Birds"

Matthew 6 v.25-34

Sunday 3rd October 2021: "Another Look? - at MYSELF"

Luke 19 v.1-10

Sunday 26th September 2021: "Freedom Sunday" International Justice Mission

Exodus 3 v.7-12

Sunday 19th September 2021: Another Look? At the Church

1 Peter 2 v.1-10

Sunday Evening Communion 12th September 2021: "Another Look - at OTHERS in my life"

Psalm 133

Sunday 12th September 2021 Morning Communion: "Another Look? At the WORLD"

Psalm 24

Sunday 5th September 2021: "The Boat and the Breakfast"

John 21 v.1-14

Sunday 22nd August 2021 United Evening Service

Ezra 3 v.1-13

Sunday 22nd August - Morning Service "FLOWERS - Beauty God's Way"

Matthew 26 v.6-10

1st August 2021: The Great Outdoors - SEEDS

Matthew 13

Sunday 25th July 2021

Ecclesiastes 3

Sunday 18th July 2021: The Great Outdoors "LEAVES"

Ecclesiastes 3 v.1-14

Sunday 11th July 2021 The Great Outdoors: "FUNGI"

Romans 16 v.1-16

Sunday 4th July 2021: "LIGHT"

1 Thessalonians 5 v.5-11

Sunday 27th June 2021: The Great Outdoors - ROOTS

Colossians 2 v.6-7; Ephesians 3 v.17-18; Matthew 13 v.20-21

REFRESH SUNDAY - 13th June 2021

Matthew 9 v.27-38

Sunday 6th June 2021: RUTH - A Migrant's Story


30th May 2021 Trinity Sunday: FREEDOM'S CHOICE - Big Grapes OR Big Giants

Numbers 13 v.26 - 14 v.9

Pentecost Sunday 23rd May 2021: "How Can Being Told What To Do Be Freedom?"

Exodus 20 v.1-21

16th May 2021 Christian Aid Sunday

John 15 v.5-17

Sunday 9th May 2021: "GOD Proposes to You"

Exodus 19 v.1-8

Sunday 25th April 2021: Let's Do Nothing!

Exodus 14 v.10-22

Sunday 18th April 2021

Exodus 7 v.8-24

Sunday 11th April 2021: Led by the Moderator (concluding with a short tribute to HRH Prince Philip)

John 20 v.19-23

Easter Sunday 2021: "He's Alive!"

Mark 15 v.33-39; Luke 24 v.1-8; John 20 v.19-20,24-31

Palm Sunday 28th March 2021

Matthew 21 v.1-11

Sunday 21st March 2021: FREEDOM- Up Close and Personal

Exodus 2 v.23- 3 v.15

Sunday 14th March 2021: "Freedom!" A service on Mothering Sunday

Genesis 12 v.1-8

Sunday 7th March 2021: "FAITH All Age Service"

Sunday 28th February 2021: "What Kind of Christians in 2021?"

2 Timothy 2 v.1-10

Sunday 21st February 2021: "A Hopeless, Helpless World?"

Genesis 3 v.1-19

14th February 2021: What's My Line? Being human in 2021

Psalm 139

Sunday 7th February 2021: "The Lord is my Shepherd"

Psalm 23

31st January 2021: "At the Centre..." Commemoration of Princess Victoria tragedy

Genesis 1 v.1-5, 26-31

Sunday 24th January 2021: The Bible and Life on Earth

Ecclesiastes 3 v.1-8

Sunday 17th January 2021: "The BIBLE... What's in it for me?"

Psalm 119 v.105-112

Sunday Worship 10th January 2021: "Freedom to Worship?"

Romans 12 v.1-21

Sunday 3rd January 2021: The Moderator's Message

Isaiah 7 v.10-17; 8 v.1-4

Sunday 27th December 2020: Led by a Light

Jeremiah 33 v.15-16

Christmas Day Celebration 2020

John 1 v.1-14

Service of Lessons & Carols 20th December 2020: Hope Up Close


13th December: GREAT Joy to the World

Luke 2 v.8-20

Sunday 6th December 2020: Thank the Inland Revenue for Christmas!

Luke 2 v.1-7

Sunday 29th November 2020: "At Home for Christmas?"

John 1 v.14-18

Sunday 22nd November 2020: BIBLE SUNDAY

Nehemiah 8 v.1-12

Sunday 15th November 2020: RE-ASSESSING "The ball is in your court"

Luke 13 v.1-9

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY - 8th November 2020

Psalm 40

Sunday 1st November 2020 "REMINDED: Living with Uncertainty"

James 4 v.13-17

Sunday 25th October 2020

Morning Worship 18th October 2020

Mark 8 v.22-38

HARVEST FESTIVAL 11th October 2020

Psalm 148

Morning Worship 4th October 2020: "RE-SENT" Acts 27 v.13-44

Acts 27 v.13-44

Morning Worship 27th September 2020: "RECENTRED"


Message from the Moderator

Morning Service 20th September 2020: REBUILDING Nehemiah 2 v.11-20

Nehemiah 2 v.11-20

Morning Service 13th September 2020

Genesis 7 v.24 - 8 v.22

Sunday 6th September Morning Service

Luke 15 v.11-32

Joint Evening Service 30th August 2020 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Mark 1 v.40-42

Mark 1 v.40-42

Morning Service 23rd August 2020: Revelation 1 v.9-20

Joint Evening Service 23rd August 2020 "The Tempest": Mark 4 v.35-41

Mark 4 v.35-41

Morning Service 16th August 2020: "A Time for,,,,LOOKING BACK" Psalm 23

Psalm 23

Joint Evening Service 16th August 2020 "Much Ado About Nothing" Matthew 6 v.28-34

Matthew 6 v.28-34

Morning Service 9th August 2020: "A Time for.... DANCING!"

Zephaniah 3 v.14-17

Morning Service 2nd August 2020: "A Time for.... CELEBRATING!"

Luke 15 v.1-7

26th July 2020 "A Time for.... SILENCE"

Matthew 6 v.1-18

Morning Service 19th July 2020: "A Time to ...... BUILD"

Jeremiah 29 v.4-14

Summer Morning Service 12th July 2020

Mark 1 v.40-42

Feeding the 5,000

Summer Services at First Larne 5th July 2020

Mark 4 v.30-34

Morning Worship 28th June "What's It Worth" The Kingdom of God and Me

Matthew 13 v.44-46

Epilogue 28th June 2020 "A Story to Tell"

Philippians 3 v.4-14

Morning Worship 21st June 2020 "BIG DADDY" A Service on Fathers' Day Luke 15 v.11-32

Luke 15 v.11-32

Epilogue 21st June 2020 "Getting into Training for a Fight"

Philippians 4 v.2-9

Morning Service 14th June 2020: "Black & White OR Colour?" Revelation 7 v.9-17

Revelation 7 v.9-17

Epilogue 14th June 2020

Acts 11 v.19-26

7th June 2020 "Rich... in Relationships" Matthew 5 v.21-26

Matthew 5 v.21-26

The Irish Blessing: BE THOU MY VISION

31st May 2020 PENTECOST: "The Call to Continue"

1 Peter 3 v.13-22

Epilogue 31st May 2020 PENTECOST: "Scattered or Gathered?"

Acts 2 v.33

24th May 2020: "What is God Saying to Us?" Mark 1 v.14-20

Mark 1 v.14-20

Epilogue 24th May 2020: Centripetal or Centrifugal?

Matthew 28 v.18-19

17th May Morning Service for Christian Aid Week 2020

17th May Epilogue: Witnesses or Stargazers? Earth or Sky?

Acts 1 v.1-11

10th May: 75th Anniversary of VE-Day & launch of Christian Aid Week 2020

Psalm 57

Epilogue 10th May: "To Infinity... and Beyond!" but what about the bit before?

Revelation 21 v.1-4

Epilogue - 3rd May 2020: A Few More Words from 1 Corinthians 12

1 Corinthians 12

Morning Worship 3rd May 2020

James 2 v.1-10

Epilogue - 26th April 2020: "We'll Be Different" Acts 2 v.42-47

Acts 2 v.42-47

Morning Worship 26th April 2020: James 1 v.1-12

James 1 v.1-12

Morning Worship 19th April: 1 Corinthians 12 v.12-27

Epilogue - 19th April 2020: So What Has Changed?

John 13 v.34-35

10,000 REASONS - Matt Redman & All Souls Orchestra


An Epilogue for Easter Sunday

Holy Week: Good Friday John 11 v.32-44

John 11 v.32-44

Where is God in our Pain? - for Good Friday

Holy Week: Thursday John 20 v.19-23

John 20 v.19-23

The Comeback

The Seriously Surprising Story

Holy Week: Wednesday Genesis 15 v.9-20

Genesis 15 v.9-20

Holy Week: Tuesday John 4 v.27-38

John 4 v.27-38

Holy Week: Monday Matthew 11 v.27-30

Matthew 11 v.27-30

Palm Sunday Service - 5th April 2020

Luke 19 v.28-44

The Super Cool Story of Jesus

"Mercy Like God" - Sunday 29th March 2020

"Loving Like God" - Evening Service 22nd March 2020

1 John 4 v.7-21

Moderator's Introduction to Weekly Services

Enjoying God at Christmas IN WORSHIP

Enjoying God at Christmas In Creation

Vision for Society Statement

United Appeal 2017

Think Friday: #AskNI17 & Engaging with the election

Gospel Shaped Living Trailer

Talking Jesus

Recognising George McKinley & Joe O’Neill for 50 Years Service as Elders

Christian Aid Week Video