First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church

Service Video Recordings

Service Video Recordings
Service Video Recordings

Sunday 11th April 2021: Led by the Moderator (concluding with a short tribute to HRH Prince Philip)

John 20 v.19-23

Easter Sunday 2021: "He's Alive!"

Mark 15 v.33-39; Luke 24 v.1-8; John 20 v.19-20,24-31

Palm Sunday 28th March 2021

Matthew 21 v.1-11

Sunday 21st March 2021: FREEDOM- Up Close and Personal

Exodus 2 v.23- 3 v.15

Sunday 14th March 2021: "Freedom!" A service on Mothering Sunday

Genesis 12 v.1-8

Sunday 7th March 2021: "FAITH All Age Service"

Sunday 28th February 2021: "What Kind of Christians in 2021?"

2 Timothy 2 v.1-10

Sunday 21st February 2021: "A Hopeless, Helpless World?"

Genesis 3 v.1-19

14th February 2021: What's My Line? Being human in 2021

Psalm 139

Sunday 7th February 2021: "The Lord is my Shepherd"

Psalm 23

31st January 2021: "At the Centre..." Commemoration of Princess Victoria tragedy

Genesis 1 v.1-5, 26-31

Sunday 24th January 2021: The Bible and Life on Earth

Ecclesiastes 3 v.1-8

Sunday 17th January 2021: "The BIBLE... What's in it for me?"

Psalm 119 v.105-112

Sunday Worship 10th January 2021: "Freedom to Worship?"

Romans 12 v.1-21

Sunday 3rd January 2021: The Moderator's Message

Isaiah 7 v.10-17; 8 v.1-4

Sunday 27th December 2020: Led by a Light

Jeremiah 33 v.15-16

Christmas Day Celebration 2020

John 1 v.1-14

Service of Lessons & Carols 20th December 2020: Hope Up Close


13th December: GREAT Joy to the World

Luke 2 v.8-20

Sunday 6th December 2020: Thank the Inland Revenue for Christmas!

Luke 2 v.1-7

Sunday 29th November 2020: "At Home for Christmas?"

John 1 v.14-18

Sunday 22nd November 2020: BIBLE SUNDAY

Nehemiah 8 v.1-12

Sunday 15th November 2020: RE-ASSESSING "The ball is in your court"

Luke 13 v.1-9

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY - 8th November 2020

Psalm 40

Sunday 1st November 2020 "REMINDED: Living with Uncertainty"

James 4 v.13-17

Sunday 25th October 2020

Morning Worship 18th October 2020

Mark 8 v.22-38

HARVEST FESTIVAL 11th October 2020

Psalm 148

Morning Worship 4th October 2020: "RE-SENT" Acts 27 v.13-44

Acts 27 v.13-44

Morning Worship 27th September 2020: "RECENTRED"


Message from the Moderator

Morning Service 20th September 2020: REBUILDING Nehemiah 2 v.11-20

Nehemiah 2 v.11-20

Morning Service 13th September 2020

Genesis 7 v.24 - 8 v.22

Sunday 6th September Morning Service

Luke 15 v.11-32

Joint Evening Service 30th August 2020 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Mark 1 v.40-42

Mark 1 v.40-42

Morning Service 23rd August 2020: Revelation 1 v.9-20

Joint Evening Service 23rd August 2020 "The Tempest": Mark 4 v.35-41

Mark 4 v.35-41

Morning Service 16th August 2020: "A Time for,,,,LOOKING BACK" Psalm 23

Psalm 23

Joint Evening Service 16th August 2020 "Much Ado About Nothing" Matthew 6 v.28-34

Matthew 6 v.28-34

Morning Service 9th August 2020: "A Time for.... DANCING!"

Zephaniah 3 v.14-17

Morning Service 2nd August 2020: "A Time for.... CELEBRATING!"

Luke 15 v.1-7

26th July 2020 "A Time for.... SILENCE"

Matthew 6 v.1-18

Morning Service 19th July 2020: "A Time to ...... BUILD"

Jeremiah 29 v.4-14

Summer Morning Service 12th July 2020

Mark 1 v.40-42

Feeding the 5,000

Summer Services at First Larne 5th July 2020

Mark 4 v.30-34

Morning Worship 28th June "What's It Worth" The Kingdom of God and Me

Matthew 13 v.44-46

Epilogue 28th June 2020 "A Story to Tell"

Philippians 3 v.4-14

Morning Worship 21st June 2020 "BIG DADDY" A Service on Fathers' Day Luke 15 v.11-32

Luke 15 v.11-32

Epilogue 21st June 2020 "Getting into Training for a Fight"

Philippians 4 v.2-9

Morning Service 14th June 2020: "Black & White OR Colour?" Revelation 7 v.9-17

Revelation 7 v.9-17

Epilogue 14th June 2020

Acts 11 v.19-26

7th June 2020 "Rich... in Relationships" Matthew 5 v.21-26

Matthew 5 v.21-26

The Irish Blessing: BE THOU MY VISION

31st May 2020 PENTECOST: "The Call to Continue"

1 Peter 3 v.13-22

Epilogue 31st May 2020 PENTECOST: "Scattered or Gathered?"

Acts 2 v.33

24th May 2020: "What is God Saying to Us?" Mark 1 v.14-20

Mark 1 v.14-20

Epilogue 24th May 2020: Centripetal or Centrifugal?

Matthew 28 v.18-19

17th May Morning Service for Christian Aid Week 2020

17th May Epilogue: Witnesses or Stargazers? Earth or Sky?

Acts 1 v.1-11

10th May: 75th Anniversary of VE-Day & launch of Christian Aid Week 2020

Psalm 57

Epilogue 10th May: "To Infinity... and Beyond!" but what about the bit before?

Revelation 21 v.1-4

Epilogue - 3rd May 2020: A Few More Words from 1 Corinthians 12

1 Corinthians 12

Morning Worship 3rd May 2020

James 2 v.1-10

Epilogue - 26th April 2020: "We'll Be Different" Acts 2 v.42-47

Acts 2 v.42-47

Morning Worship 26th April 2020: James 1 v.1-12

James 1 v.1-12

Morning Worship 19th April: 1 Corinthians 12 v.12-27

Epilogue - 19th April 2020: So What Has Changed?

John 13 v.34-35

10,000 REASONS - Matt Redman & All Souls Orchestra


An Epilogue for Easter Sunday

Holy Week: Good Friday John 11 v.32-44

John 11 v.32-44

Where is God in our Pain? - for Good Friday

Holy Week: Thursday John 20 v.19-23

John 20 v.19-23

The Comeback

The Seriously Surprising Story

Holy Week: Wednesday Genesis 15 v.9-20

Genesis 15 v.9-20

Holy Week: Tuesday John 4 v.27-38

John 4 v.27-38

Holy Week: Monday Matthew 11 v.27-30

Matthew 11 v.27-30

Palm Sunday Service - 5th April 2020

Luke 19 v.28-44

The Super Cool Story of Jesus

"Mercy Like God" - Sunday 29th March 2020

"Loving Like God" - Evening Service 22nd March 2020

1 John 4 v.7-21

C.S Lewis: On Living in an Atomic Age

Moderator's Introduction to Weekly Services

Enjoying God at Christmas IN WORSHIP

Enjoying God at Christmas In Creation

Vision for Society Statement

United Appeal 2017

Think Friday: #AskNI17 & Engaging with the election

Gospel Shaped Living Trailer

Talking Jesus

Recognising George McKinley & Joe O’Neill for 50 Years Service as Elders

Christian Aid Week Video