First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church

News & Announcements

News & Announcements

11am SHALOM: A breath-taking vision of the world made beautiful.

So what's God doing now?

Genesis 1 v.26-28


11am Together We Grow  

Hebrews 10 v.18-25

Spurring one another on!

3pm Service of Divine Healing

7pm Was it all Worthwhile?

Psalm 139

Looking back and looking forward in faith


11am Communion:

"God's Word for us -

Where's the pulpit? Who's the preacher?"

Exodus 3 v.1-15


22nd December

11am "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

A service with a nativity theme with significant input from our children and young people


11am "It's Christmas! Don't Miss it!"  Matthew 1 v.18-25


11am "Worth the Wait?"

Luke 3 v.1-18

This is our annual Cradle Roll Service - a service for the entire Church family

11am "Ready, Steady, GO!"    Nehemiah 8 v.1-18

What are we to do with God's Word when our world is in a mess?