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News & Announcements

News & Announcements

11am Walking in My Father's Footsteps     Ephesians 1 v.1-8

We all have a role to play as encouragers and enablers - but what does it mean to walk in my Father's footsteps?


11am "You Don't Have to Walk Alone"   2 Timothy 4 v.1-18

We are delighted to welcome as our preacher the Rev. Maynard Cathcart who is our new Pastoral Associate in First Larne.

7pm "Crossing the Line"  Philippians 2 v.1-11

11am "The Church Will Not Be Stopped"  Acts 4 v.1-22

Full details can be found at the PCI website -

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We continue the thrilling journey through the history book of the early Church - Acts. 

It doesn't quite happen the way they expect!

11am "What Can I Give You?" - Not what the beggar expected.    Acts 3 v.1-10

This Sunday - 20th May 2018 - we mark Pentecost (the birthday of the Church!) AND conclude Christian Aid Week.

11am Acts 2 v.1-21  "The MOMENT, the MEANING, the MOVEMENT...."

After the service there is a Christian Aid lunch open to everyone.


This Sunday's services give us an opportunity to explore and celebrate what it means for each of us to be a witness on a global stage - in challenging and complex world.


11am "Home of Hope"   John 17 v.6-19

This Sunday we shall be marking 40 years worshipping in the current complex.


11am HOME: A Family Gathered     Acts 1 v.12-26

There might even be a birthday cake to share!

7pm ESSENTIALS 8: Continue     Luke 9 v28-36

After the morning service Promiseland invite everyone to have a burger. Led principally by our childen and young people we address the crucial question posed by this year's PCI Youth & Family Project "What is Church". Here's a clue - it is not just bricks!

At our services on Sunday 6th May 2018 we shall be celebrarting and giving thanks for the 40 years we have been worshipping and gathering in the earliest stages of our present complex.