First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church

News & Announcements

News & Announcements

11am "Here Comes the King!"

This will be the final service conducted by David Kelly as our assistanrt minister. On Thursday 12th April he will be ordained and installed as Minister of Woodburn and Loughmorne congregations at a service at 7.30pm at Woodburn Presbyterian Church.


Services for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

11am "Which Way Now?"  Jeremiah 6 v.16-21

7pm "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Listeners to Jesus  Matthew 5 v.14-16; 7 v.24-27 and Luke 16 v.19-31)

In our services for Mothering Sunday 2018 we shall be listening to the women who encountered Jesus.


11am "Behind You!"  John 10 v.11-16


7pm An Evening Reflection for Mothering Sunday: "Listening to More (rather surprising!) Women's Voices"

Mission in Ireland Evening

11am  "Fight Fake!" - a service for the third Sunday in Lent with special music led by the First Larne Old Boys' Silver Band.

Matthew 12 v.9-16


7pm "The COST of Discipleship" (Mark 8 v.34-38)

This annual service has been postponed due to anticipated adverse weather conditions.

The rescheduled service is planned for Friday 16th March at 7.45pm in Cairncastle Presbyterian Church.



11am ANNUAL SERVICE led by members of our PW and Women's Circle

Guest Preacher: Ellen Hillen  "Blossom Where You Are Planted"   John 15 v.1-17


7pm GO WILD AT LENT: Earthly Living with a Heavenly Twist    Genesis 28 v.10-22

Led by the Rev. Dr. Colin D. McClure

Tonight (Friday 23rd February) was spectacular!

Still some tickets for Saturday's performance at 7.30pm in Larne Grammar School.

West End production values in Larne! Can you believe it? 

With such a powerful and relevant message for us all at  time such as this.

11am John 12 v.20-26

After all the eager anticipation the incredible production of Luv Esther is almost in Larne!

Catch the excitement by looking at this promotional video.