First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church

Latest Prayer Letter from Mark Donald


Dear Praying Friends, I deeply appreciate your faithfulness in upholding these prayer requests.

*        Please pray for travelling mercies throughout the deployment.  I travel via helicopter at least twice a week to different locations.  Remember in your prayers the pilots and crew. 

*        Please pray for God’s protection to surround the various locations are soldiers are based.  Today there has been a suicide attack near one of the locations, killing 6 Afghans.

*        Please pray for 2 soldiers who have had to return to the UK for health reasons.  Pray for their recovery and the disappointment they feel in having to leave.  Pray that if it is God’s will, that one of them will be able to return when they are well again.

*        Pray for a soldier who has had to return home because his father has died.

*        Pray for a soldier who has had to return home as his wife has given birth prematurely.  Pray that all will be well with the little one and mother.

        Remember in your prayers a soldier whose grandmother is unwell and whose time in this life maybe short.  It will not be possible for him to return home no matter how things turn out. 

*        There are two soldiers facing relationship difficulties back at home.  One will be returning home on R&R (rest & recuperation for up to 2 weeks) shortly.  The other faces issues over access/custody of children.  Both feel at a loss to do anything while here.  Pray for resolutions and that these concerns do not distract them from their roles.

*        Pray for peace for the people of Afghanistan and that the plans of those intent on causing death and destruction would be thwarted.  Much goes on here daily that is never reported on UK news.

*        Pray for God’s protection and care to be upon Elaine & Sarah at home and our extended family.  May the time pass quickly while I am away.

*        Pray that God will empower, protect and equip me and keep me in good health while in Afghanistan.  Give thanks that I quickly recovered from ‘Afghan Belly’ and for the care and expertise of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

*        Pray for the safety and protection of our soldiers driving throughout parts of Kabul.

*        Pray for wisdom and discernment for those in command.  Give thanks for the support I have from the Commanding Officer.  He has attended church once so far – pray he will return again.

*        Pray for opportunities to share the good news of the gospel, especially with those of The 1st & 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment, The Rifles and those from other nations.

*        Pray for good numbers to attend worship services in the morning and evening, especially those from the UK and Ireland.  The congregation is currently made up mainly of Americans. 

*        Give thanks that 4 Mongolians came along to the Sunday 26th evening service.  I’m not sure how much they understood.  Perhaps it was the first time they ever heard the gospel!  Pray that the Holy Spirit would be working in their lives.

*        Give thanks for the worship team, Jerry, Nick, Thomas, Luiz, Nicola & Bill and for all they add to the evening service.

*        I plan to commence a Scripture Union ‘Nua’ course at the beginning of June.  Please pray that more will come along to the Bible Study on a Monday evening.  Currently we have around 6 who come.

*        Pray for the forthcoming Normandy 75 Commemoration Service that all plans will fall into place throughout the different locations these services will be conducted.

*        Pray for the working relationships between the chaplains of all the nations.  I have got to know US, Australian, Czech Republic and Danish chaplains so far.

*        Pray for God’s blessing and encouragement to be upon Rev. Dr. Isaac Thompson who is covering for me. Pray for the congregation of First Garvagh, especially those who are ill.


 “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  Exodus 33:14