First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church




How do we respond when crisis erupts around us?

This year it was discovered that the oldest material on Earth is much older than Earth itself.

It’s a classic conversation at this time of year. Once you’ve argued over the best toppings for a pancake (obviously banana and chocolate spread!), conversation often turns to what people might be giving up for Lent.

The artist responsible for the new James Bond theme song shared some interesting observations at the recent Grammy awards - where the 18 year old picked up a pile of awards. Mark Greene reflects on what Billie Eilish had to say as she accepted them.

Gideon: Owning Your Doubts | Judges (3/6)

Say No to Ageism

One Step at a Time

How are the resolutions looking this far into January?

Maybe you have never thought of attempting meditiation on the Bible. Meditation seems to be a rather mystical method so often associated with eastern religions that we are not sure if it is for Christians.

Look, Listen, Learn

A New Year, a new decade, a good time to…



Look back…

   what has God been doing?

Look forward…

   what does he want to do?

Look up…

As we enter a New Year with a new government here is an interesting reflection from one politician on another - BUT there is much more besides.....