First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church




This piece asks questions of us about how we are feeling deep down during this current pandemic when so many emotions could be flying around!

Speak and act as th

Jeff Fountain explores Belshazzar's feast in Daniel 5 and asks, 'Will future historians look back on this "corona-year" as the end of the party?'

Rhythm and Blues

My Dad, and the Son who Died

My Dad died last week, ultimately, like oh so many, of the coronavirus. We hadn’t seen him for over three weeks, and though he was full of years, full of love, and, to the very last, full of humour, his death was untimely. It always is.

AMAZING GRACE – 272 years ago in Lough Swilly

Bible reading

Psalm 102

On Being Overwhelmed

It was Harold Wilson who allegedly said that ‘a week is a long time in politics’. In these recent momentous days, it looks as if that should be reduced to five minutes.