First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church



You may not be expecting any kind of endorsement of LOVE ISLAND from me - and you would be right! However, I offer this blog from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity which gives a rather different (and thought-provoking) angle.

This weekend Belfast is hosting a conference of world experts on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Their specific expertise is surrounding the inceasing use and potential for weapons of war, such as "tanks", which will have "minds of their own" and will not be directly controlled by a human.

Here's a thought from Nell Goddard (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) for young and older!

Tipping Point?

Here is an interesting comment I received via CVM about wallowing! CVM = Christian Vision for Men

In this week when we have welcomed and named  a new royal, the business of names has become prominent.

Read these notes from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.



Read about a rather disturbing development involving a peaceful and silent protest against abortion.


Events of this last week or so have escalated tension on the world stage. What are we to make of it all? Is action by the west - including the British, French and Americans - inevitable?

For the golfing buffs (and others!) here is a topical article from our friends in Christians in Sport.


Let me commend this to you if you want to do some thinking about how you use Facebook - or how Facebook is usuing you.