First Larne Presbyterian Church

First Larne Presbyterian Church



Rochester Cathedral have set up a mini golf course in the nave as an educational activity to draw in visitors.

Read this blog about Stomrmzy's performance at this year's Glastonbury and see what you make of it!


I share this blog from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity seeking to give a Biblical perspective to how we should expect to see God at work in our world - ot least in the midst of such political uncertainty in our community and nation.


This may seem like a rather curious,

if not morbid, question.

 In this piece Katherine Ladd makes some challenging observations about the stories we tell ourselves in our culture.....

Wishful Thinking?


Dear Praying Friends, I deeply appreciate your faithfulness in upholding these prayer requests.


Gordon Brown makes moral and ethical case

for aid and development at launch of Christian Aid week

 May 13th, 2019


When Answers Aren’t the Answer

When tragedies such as the terror attacks in Sri Lanka target Christians, I wonder what we think the ‘right’ response should be.

Here is the first prayer letter from the Rev.

What do you think of Coffee Church?

Read this comment from Evangelical Alliance Wales.


According to the British Coffee Association’s statistics, the UK consumes approximately 95 million cups of coffee a day.